World Healing with Energy

Consciousness and Awareness

Healing takes place on energetic level, science already has proven that cells have memory and I work on cellular level.

This means that I trigger your cells to remember their original function and you yourself actively participate in the healing of whatever is bothering you, I am just a tool to help you with this.

Before we start we will discuss the issues that are bothering you and the universe will decides which healing is the best for you. I am responsible for what is happening during the complete proces.

A treatment can be described as follows:

  • Overall cleaning of your system, the old energy will be replaced by new energy.

  • Specific areas will be targeted to solve your issues.

  • The cleaning and aligning of your chakra's. You have several chakra's which are your energy centres. I will help you to get them in balance.

  • To give you extra energy to perform better in day to day situations

So if you have physical, emotional issues, a burn-out, looking for which path to follow, contact me for a treatment and you will be astonished to experience the results.

Please note that I am not a physician and I always will direct you to the necessary institution(s) when needed.

A treatment will take between 15 and 30 minutes and the costs will be Euro 30 including VAT.

During my sessions I use Reiki and other energetic treatment methods/path ways.